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Shameless Meme: [2/7] ladies • Mandy Milkovich

"You have plenty of time to be disappointed by men. Trust me."

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ayooo so I answer questions that are not related to Jane sometimes and I hope it doesn’t bother you guys but 90% of the time the Jane Levy tag is dead and there’s just no news or material. and my anons are super cool people who like cool stuff and we get into cool conversations so if you’re cool then join the cool if you’d like and we can all be cool and discuss cool things together, alright? cool.

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Anonymous asked: actually I just finished Six Under Feet yesterday haha the finale was the best finale that I've seen in a tv show. it's one of my favorite shows. are you enjoying it?

I kinda had it on hold for a bit but Troian Bellisario tweeted about how brilliant it was recently and that same day I watched another episode. Whoa really? That gets me super pumped for the finale! Ehh well the first few episodes I was a little unsure about whether I liked the style or not but it did grow on me. I didn’t mind those fake commercials in the pilot though hahaha.

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Anonymous asked: have you watched Six Under Feet? it's an amazing tv show from HBO and Jeremy Sisto is in that show. he's character is so different from suburgatory. he's a really good actor.

Whoa yes but I’m still stuck on season 1! He is amazing, he has done so many roles but I still see each character as this whole new thing. Have you finished the series yet? I should probably get on that..

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