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Anonymous asked: do you know how i can talk to jane? i love her a lot.

Mmmm she’s not very accessible. Social media is limited and she uses it for personal reasons, not to talk to fans or promote her projects… so you probably shouldn’t spam her social media pages asking for a reply or a follow ;) If you leave a nice & casual comment on her Instagram she might like one of your pictures or reply (worked for me and a few others so I’ve heard). You can try her fanmail address for a signed picture, don’t know if it worked for anyone because there’s no feedback.

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Girl Crush [2/?]
Jane Levy

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Anonymous asked: i never thought of suburgatory as a really great show but now that it's gone i miss it :$

Same. I loved it during season 1, it was a feel good show that had me laughing out loud. Season 2 was still good imo. By season 3 I didn’t care much for it anymore, but I do miss it now. It’s nowhere near the best show I’ve seen but it’s a lighthearted comedy, right? It’s not supposed to be mind blowing and have me thinking and analyzing all day. Still, this lighthearted show was good enough to get me invested in the characters and hope for the best for them. So it did something very right. Or I have attachment issues.

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ryan & tessa per episode: 2x15 Leaving Chatswin (1/7)

"You think you know somebody! You wear their Letterman jacket, you put your tongue on top of their tongue and you move it around, only to find out that they are a lying liar! Who lies their lies, directly to your face."

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Anonymous asked: your favorite and your least favorite characters in suburgatory? and why?

Ohh I like this question. I think we can all learn from Dallas when it comes to being positive and kind so she might be my favorite. But I must say, Tessa and Mr. Wolfe would be my choice for a road trip (great things would come from that). And well, Dalia. Because Dalia.  

Least favorite.. Yakult. “Oh my god, Yakult, drop dead! I wish you were never born!” (just kidding obviously. I don’t think I have a least fave)

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Suburgatory: Favorite scenes. 2x21: Apocalypse Meow.

It was hard to concentrate on whatever kind of crap I was supposed to concentrate on, when all I could think about was how to get back at Dalia.
Tessa: I could tell everyone her biggest secret, that she hooked up with Jenna. Lisa: It would just be like stooping to her level. Tessa: Yeah, and knowing her.. the whole thing would backfire and become some cool trend. Lisa: Kind of already is. Wanna make out? Tessa: Eh, gum.. What I really need to do is find Dalia’s biggest weakness and ruthlessly exploit it. Lisa: There is another path. I mean, if you’re open enough to explore it. Tessa: I said I had gum.. Lisa: Oh, no, it’s not that. It’s this…

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spookeysamThat’s a wrap on monster trucks this is my friend rod

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