hey! a lot has happened with About Alex being out (anyone seen it yet? thoughts?) and press and stuff, I will get to updates and giffing it soon but I have a guest so I won’t have much time for awhile. but expect posts soon ;) have a nice week everyone!

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jane levy

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Jane Levy in Bang Bang Baby

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jane levy: favorite outfits ( 2 /  )
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Song: UnknownBang Bang Baby
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The song Stepphy (Jane Levy) sings in this clip of Bang Bang Baby.

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About Alex’s premiere in Los Angeles, August 6th.

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Jane Levy as Stepphy and Justin Chatwin as Bobby Shore for Bang Bang Baby.

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Calling all Jane Levy appreciators


Hi fellow Jane Levy loving bloggers,

There aren’t many of us here on tumblr.. so how about we make this experience more fun for all of us and start a network? Don’t worry, there won’t be any rules like you have to follow so and so or do this and that, I just want to make a page with links to active blogs, with 3 categories:

  • Jane blogs (blogs mainlydedicated to Jane)
  • Jane fans (bloggers who love Jane but post different things like multifandom/role play/personal)
  • Suburgatory blogs (blogs mainly dedicated to Suburgatory and I’m assuming they like Jane too)
  • if you feel like a category should be added, let me know!

We will have a nice register of our little Jane supporting family and hopefully we can all make some new friends. If you wanna be on the list, message me. Please send me your URL (for sideblogs) and your first name. Optionally what country you live in (not necessary but would be fun).

The list will be here soon. I hope you all like this idea and agree we should get to know each other a little better. I see the same people contributing in the tags every day without knowing much about you, let’s change that :)

In addition to the page with names, spookeysam started a Jane Levy network group blog where we can all talk. If anybody is interested in joining, message her and you will receive a link!

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